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Funding from the Thousands to the Billions and beyond.
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Our Financial 'Alchemy' choices of products and strategies reach all parts of the globe. We trade on behalf of corporations, Hedge Funds and 'High Net-Worth'
individuals, but never ignore SMB's either.
We partner with financial experts and banks in North, South & Central America, Europe & Asia. We provide the tools for a full array of investors; Entities looking for trades with principal guarantees to individuals looking for quick and superior gains.
Essential areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:
Currency Management.
Financial Asset Mechanisms.
Hedge Funds.
Global Asset Protection.
Precious Metals
​Alternative Financing/Funding

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From small business to a country's infrastructure projects,
we can accommodate your funding needs.


Funding Options...

Revenue and/or asset based.
Prompt qualifying time.
Imperfect credit accepted.
If turned down from banks - that's ok. 94% of businesses are turned down.
Judgments, liens, bankruptcy ok - as long as they have been discharged.
Non collateral funding based on revenue only - Min. of $20/$25K monthly.
Collateral required based on equity in existing properties that you own.
No app fee.
No obligation when we provide an offer.

Currency Exchange...

IPIP / DTC Exchanges.
Soft & Hard currencies.

(Certain exclusions apply.)

Trading Options...

Gold or other precious metals (with insurance wrap only.)
Treasury Notes/Sovereign Notes
Precious Stones (with insurance wrap and current gem report only.)
PPP Trading

Want to Learn More About Our Services?

Schedule a brief "needs assessment" call...
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